Cipher 12: To Boldly Go

The world’s best science fiction franchise, Star Trek, turns 50 years old today. I will write more about it in an upcoming post; for now, please enjoy this small cipher:

Qo'noS - Yadera Prime
Yadera Prime - Talax
Founders' homeworld - Qo'noS
Ocampa - Cardassia Prime
Ocampa - Talax
Founders' homeworld - Vulcan
Yadera Prime - Betazed
Qo'noS - Hanon IV
Betazed - Talax
Talax - Qo'noS
Orion - Yadera Prime
Founders' homeworld - Yadera Prime
Yadera Prime - Betazed
Qo'noS - Founders' homeworld
Hanon IV - Remus
Talax - Ocampa
Bajor - Betazed
Karemma - Andoria
Romulus - Hanon IV
Hanon IV - Ocampa
Ocampa - Remus
Hanon IV - Earth

Since this cipher is quite difficult, here are three hints:

  • It is nearly impossible to solve without knowing your Trek.
  • The encryption method only allows to distinguish 16 different symbols. It doesn’t cause much trouble because my message is short and doesn’t contain every letter of the alphabet.
  • The secret message starts with “the password is”.

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