Ciphers FAQ

If you have any question regarding ciphers published on Nigin’s Blog, you are likely to find an answer here.

What is it all about?

Well, I occasionally make ciphers and post them here. You can pick any one and try to crack it. If you successfully reveal the hidden text, you will see that the text contains a password. Go to the relevant solvers’ page and enter your password. You will surely get to a place where you can leave a comment. Write who you are and how you solved the cipher. Wait for some time (everything is processed manually here!) and then check the leaderboard. You will find your name there!

I tried to solve a cipher but failed. Can I get the solution for education purposes?

No! This violates the spirit of competition. Try again and you will succeed!

I think the password is abcDEF123…

You are wrong. Firstly, the password can contain only lowercase latin letters. Secondly, the password is usually something meaningful.

Can I collaborate with my friend?

Yes, as long as you tell me about it.

Am I only allowed to submit solutions to the latest ciphers?

No, you can attempt any cipher.

What tools can I use to solve the ciphers?

Everything, from Microsoft Excel to a screwdriver! It is even legal to look something up on the Internet. But of course, finding a complete solution online is disallowed.

The solvers’ page doesn’t exist/I cannot post a comment despite entering the correct password/etc.

Contact me by any means. I always try not to introduce bugs like the ones mentioned, but I am a human with limited amount of free time, so such things occasionally slip through. Don’t punish me too seriously for it!

If a few people are tied on the number of ciphers, which of them gets a higher rank on the leaderboard?

For each of those people, I check when they solved their latest cipher. Then I sort people according to those times. The earlier a person solved a cipher, the higher he or she gets.

I was so excited when I solved a cipher that I published the solution somewhere…

I will punish you as seriously as I can. For example, I may remove you from the leaderboard or disallow commenting on my posts.

If you still have questions, leave a comment here and wait for my response.

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