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Space Bug Domination

Problem: A space bug has a volume of 1 mm3 and can travel around at the speed of light. After enjoying its life for a century, a space bug splits into two bugs, which quickly grow to their parent’s size. … Continue reading

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As promised, I am now releasing the CYOA story that I have been making for the past ten months. It is called O (yep, just one letter) and you can play it here: I hope you like it!

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Squiggles and Novels

Last time we were discussing the amazing mathematical properties of a weird blue thing. Back then I promised to reveal my proof that the thing can only lie flat if its number of segments is divisible by four, and I … Continue reading

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A New Beginning

Hello! Right now, you are probably like, “Wait, didn’t this blog die like a year ago?” This is an astute and true observation, and I thus feel that I should reveal the reason for my prolonged absence. Without further ado, … Continue reading

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How to Talk to Aliens

So, you have met aliens. According to most sci-fi books and movies, the first thing you should do is establish the first contact. This task may seem daunting, but don’t panic: various people, ranging from professional linguists to total idiots, … Continue reading

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The Blogowar

Today I deleted my Facebook account. To celebrate, here is a short story. Blogger Mary ate the last potato chip, threw the bag away, and once again gripped the handles of her blogoscope. She always did routine tasks diligently, and … Continue reading

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Cipher 13

It was once almost unimaginably far away. Then, cipher after cipher, it drew closer. And now it is here. Dozen II. And it contains a new, fresh cipher. Go check it out.

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How Many Tribbles?

Assuming I haven’t made a mistake in time zone calculations, this post should go online exactly 50 years after the intrepid crew of USS Enterprise appeared on American screens for the first time. Since then, the adventures of Starfleet officers … Continue reading

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Cipher 12

After a very long break, Cipher 12 has finally been released.

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A Question Most People Get Wrong

Edit: The poll is now over. A bunch of people voted after I wrote this article, but I decided not to redo all calculations because I am lazy. A few days ago I created a Twitter thing called Geeky Polls. … Continue reading

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